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Interface - de.spieleck.app.jacson.JacsonChunkSource

A source is responsible for providing a running Jacson with a sequence of chunks. This could be everything like reading lines or words from a file but also parsing XML or selecting from a database.

For more detailed information have a look at the JavaDoc of the package de.spieleck.app.jacson.source

Read lines from a textfile and pass it to Jacson, a chunk is a line. Note: If the file is gzip compressed, this Reader decompresses it on the fly! This Source is used when you use the Jacson commandline or the Ant Task.
Access a mailbox via POP3 or IMAP and feed the header and body into the Jacson Engine.
Watch one more files for appends and pass new lines as chunks through Jacson. This can be used to watch and condense server logfiles. To use this task use the Tail commandline.
Extract lines from an image and pass it to Jacson, a chunk is a line.

Implementing own instances of JacsonChunkSource is very easy, you have to implement public String nextChunk() return a String at a time and returning null to signal end of input.

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