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Interface - de.spieleck.app.jacson.JacsonEvaluator

Evaluators are the final drain in processing of chunks. Their purpose is to collect information about the incoming chunks and present it to the output Report.

Jacson comes with 4 general purpose Evaluators and one which is built deep into its internal structure. The latter allows the configurable composition of Evaluators by combining existing filters and evaluators.

The 4 general purpose Evaluators in de.spieleck.app.jacson.eval are:

Simply count the number of incoming chunks and forward the count at summary time.
Output all incoming chunks at scanning time and do nothing at summary time.
This is one of my work horses within Jacson, it counts the incoming chunks and the different incoming chunks and produces various statistics about them at summary time. (For the UNIX people this is sort | uniq -q | sort -r -n deluxe).
This applies a regular expression to incoming chunks and forwards the chunk together with the match result to special configurable RegExpHandler classes. This was an early class in the design of Jacson. Some things which can be achieved with this class can also be obtained by creating a combined evaluator with RegExpXXX Filters and above Evaluators.

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