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Plugin Classes

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Jacson is just another tools that takes advantage of the ability to construct highly configurable tools by the combination of rich (XML) configuration and Java dynamic class loading. The flexibilty and extensibilty of Jacson stems from the fact that all kinds of classes are clean plugins determined by an public interface and loaded at runtime.

For standard configuration there are the following main types of configuration classes:

There is also a wider range of plugin classes which are not necessary in all contexts:
  • Sources model different ways to feed data into the Jacson process. Different types of main classes and programs use different Sources. Since Jacson-0.89 there exist a new plugin JacsonGenericChunkSource introducing configurable Jacson Sources.
  • Selections modify the behaviour of certain Filters. If you need them depends on whether you use these Filters.
  • Stemmers are the same, if you need them it depends on the Filters you use.
  • Handlers are the similar, they act as a plugin to the RegExpEvaluation. If you don't use that Evaluator, you don't need to know them.

You can find more information about plugin classes in the lifecycle page in the Developers section.

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