Package de.spieleck.config

Provide simple access to xml based configuration files.


Interface Summary
ConfigListener Listener to be triggered when config changes.
ConfigNode Basic interface to programm against when using the Config tool.
ConfigParamMap Modell a container to take parameter values and expand parameter references.
ConfigVerify.Acceptor Interface to be provided by a node to be verified.
SimpleParamGetter Minimal API to get a param.

Class Summary
Config Manager and Factory for Configurations.
ConfigFileNode A ConfigNode that is responsible for actually holding nodes from a file.
ConfigNodeImpl Basic Data container in a Config environment.
ConfigSafeNode An implementation of config node, that does not allow the client to proceed upwards in the configuration tree.
ConfigSafeNode.SafeIterator Wrapper class to return only safe ConfigNodes
ConfigVerify Class to unify at least some detection of unwanted children.
ConvertHelp Helperclass for type conversions.
EmptyConfigNode An ConfigNode, that contains nothing.
NullParamMap Do nothing implementation of ConfigParamMap
SimpleParamMap Easy implementation of ConfigParamMap

Package de.spieleck.config Description

Provide simple access to xml based configuration files.


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