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This can also be found in the ChangeLog.txt file.

*** 0.90 September 28 2005
    - New GroupingFilter to group and reorganize chunks
      (feature request 1296365 thanks to glocker) 
      Usage example in samples/cut.conf
    - New HeadPad- and TailPadFilter to support something like awk's 
      begin and end
      (support request 983485 thanks to jm_beas)
    - GenericChunkSources implement ConfigVerify.Acceptor now
    - New basic SortFilter (sample in samples/sql.conf)
      RFE 660666 (very strange number)
    - SQLSource sample uses hsqldb now
    - Some additions to include new Filters within documentation
    - parameter ownchunked of Head- and TailPadFilter renamed to separatechunk
    - Upgrade to current version of QA-tools JCSC and PMD

*** 0.89 April 09 2004

   - New GenericJacsonChunkSource introduces configurable chunk sources
     (feature request 736665). It works with the new JacsonGeneric command line
     driver provided via jacsongeneric.jar.
   - New GenericLineChunkSource is the first usage of generic sources
   - New SQLSource for reading input from databases (feature request 713292). 
     Example in samples/sql.conf.
   - New BrokenLinkFilter filters out (non-) working URLs 
     (feature request 925985). Example in samples/links.conf.

   - HeadFilter acceps config node "reset" now
   - fixed some PMD results and removed ununsed imports and unused local 
   - fixed bug on page "Configuration Basics" fixed which broke the 
     Sources paragraph 

** 0.83 February 08 2004

  Another release featuring work of Patrick Carl (aka pcs_org)

   - New SetStateParamFilter to modify processing state when certain chunks
    swim by.

   - JacsonReport now extends JacsonStately, Reports have access to the
     processing state. This for example allows new combination of TailSource
     and MailReport. (see monitor.conf in samples directory)

*** 0.82 August 02 2003

  - New Log4jReport, this adds another layer of processing, formatting,
    filtering and forwarding to Jacson.
  - New WebSessionFilter applies the standard definition (requests from
    ip within timeout) to logfiles, to find sessions.
  - New SimpleContainsFilter for more efficient simple String matching.
  - New id.conf sample, for the (almost) most simple config possible.

  Known Bugs:
  - There is still a racing condition in the ThreadPool. Workarounds only
    reduce the risk. Fix still to be done.
  - More (java)docs here and there, still not enough
  - LineChunkSource now reports the delivered chunks instead of zero.

  Changes: (might break existing configurations)
  - TailSource now creates a "lines" section like LineChunkSource for easier
    reuse of configuration. Check if Sources should create sections anyway.
  - JacsonTail drive class creates "processing" section now.
  - RegExpExtractFilter Separator now defaults to a blank string, not null

*** 0.81 May 17 2003
 This release contains lots of work by pcs_org. Thank you!

 - The sample batches (head.sh + grep.sh) are now running under Unix (pcs_org)

 - OCRSource uses GOCR (http://jocr.sf.net) to feed pictures (pcs_org)
 - MailReport, first shot on generating mails from Jacson (pcs_org)
 - PrintingReport allows filename or stdout now (pcs_org)
 - Jacson command for JJacket 0.0.3 (jjacket.sf.net), JJacket not bundled!

 - Code cleanup for last release features (sorry a bit late)
 - extend xsl/html.xsl to include stemming results.
 - better logfile analysis with html.xsl

*** 0.80 March 29 2003 
 - JacsonAntFilter allows Jacson to be inserted into an Ant FilterChain
 - JacsonReader implements java.io.FilterReader and allows to plug Jacson
   into programs in another way.
 - Configuration can now declare (and then use) system properties
 - New ParameterSelect class, thanx brenck
 - PadFilter can now pad Strings dynamically, thanx brenck
 - FileInsertFilter insert lines from files, thanx brenck
 - GoogleReport, thanx pcs_org
 - ReplaceFilter to replace characters in a token by different ones.
   (sometimes this is called "translate")
 - Stemmers can now return a Representative word instead of a stemm. The
   represenative is the first word with this stemm that has been observed

 - The zip tasks didn't zip the unit tests, thanx pcs_org for asking
 - Javadoc creation throws much less warnings now
 - Javadoc was using wrong css stylesheet

 - Workarround JDK1.4+ bug (4724129) for recycled StringBuffers:
   replaces StringBuffer.toString() by substring(0)
 - Added ant task to generate xml javadoc with Suns XDoclet class.
   These docs will be autoincluded into HTML-Docs sometime in the future.
 - Extended the ThreadPool to allow plugin TaskSources,
   Other projects can now implement TaskSource and use the ThreadPool
 - moved de.spieleck.app.jacson.lang to de.spieleck.app.lang package
 - split jacson.jar to jacson.jar and spieleck.jar for separate reuse.
 - de.spieleck.helper.PrefixZipTask for better Ant zipping. Unfortunately
   the xzip task only runs against Ant 1.5.2 and needs spieleck.jar!
 - slightly improved error reporting for broken configurations.
 - Renamed JacsonSetupException to JacsonConfigException
 - minor improvement to output of Accountor
 - improved xsl/html.xsl
 - JavaDoc beautifications
 - Added Sourceforge RSS-feed to docs

 - The documentation is still way behind. HELP!
 - The unit tests are behind. HELP!
 - look at the SourceForge project page for more

*** 0.72 February 23 2003 (developer and cleanup release)

 - ThreadPool seems to be working now and is plugged into TailSource.
 - metametric rendering my own derived code metrics.
 - much improved documentation: Ant task description, graphs about 
   working principle and much more.

 - HTML Generation didn't work, a missing namespace in samples/xsl/html.xsl
 - multiple reports sharing output was ill defined, i.e. ant demo1 mangled
   three different output formats (text, html and pdf) into a single file :-(
   It is now a documented feature :-)
 - Corrected mailSource synchronizaton

 - Documentation update (i.e. new download and lifecycle pages, print versions).
 - api refactoring, JacsonState and JacsonReport are now registered with
   subclasses and kept if needed, instead of passing them through the
   hierarchy again and again all the time.
 - new JacsonSetupException to treat setup problems, refactored to
   force init() methods to use this and not JacsonException.
 - better modularization of Jacson, simplifying both JacsonTail and
 - took some steps to make the code quality tools happier.

*** 0.71 February 11 2003 (Bugfix release)

 - Two (unused) classes in de.spieleck.config did not compile due to an 
   interface change. (Thanks pcs_org for pointing that out).
 - Workarround for classloader problems on JUnit tasks. JUnit currently

 - ant target "all" now does a "clean" first to avoid such problems.
 - included ant BuildNumber Task just for fun.

*** 0.7 February 09 2003 

 - XSLTReport can now pipe it's output through Jakarta-FOP.
   If FOP is in classpath an the mimetype of the stylesheet matches.
 - Support for multiple reports: Every block can now contain (mutiple) reports.
 = The above allows one loganalysis to create both HTML and PDF output.
 - new JacsonStateFilter to pass only chunks when certain state is set.
 - MailSource now uses JacsonState to signal mail-body and mail-header
 - TestReport to allow Unit Testing of complete tasks in the future.
 - JacsonTail and TailSource to allow Jacson to continuously monitor files.
   This is build into jacsontail.jar for convenient start.

 - documentation reviewed and updated and much better JavaDoc integration.
 - samples/grep.conf was broken (contained illegal config)
 - RegExpContainsFilter was broken (config check was wrong)
 - removed junit.jar and pmd-xxx.jar from lib directory, these are
   only needed for quality checks, but not at runtime. (In my environment
   I use to keep such things in a separate antlib directory).

 - Commandline Jacson does not currently take an report on commandline.
 - JacsonTask does not take report from build.xml
 - JacsonTask does not take OutFile any more, was broken and can be replaced
   by the use of Task-params or Ant-properties and making the setup in the
   configuration of the Jacson-Task.
 - minor API change in JacsonSelect
 - added jdepend check.
*** 0.6 Janary 17 2003 

 - Improved Interaction with Ant property and param 
 - de.spieleck.app.jacson.lang package
 - StemmingFilter with German and English Stemmer
 - WordSelection (thanks pcs_org)
 - SubstitutionFilter
 - Basic JUnit Setup (directory layout and ant job) (thanks pcs_org)
 - MailSource, read from a MailBox (thanks pcs_org)
 - minor improvements of the ant job
 - rename of project download zipfiles.

*** 0.5 January 1 2003

 - First public release.

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