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How to Extend?

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First of all, look at the existing classes, this is all easy stuff and it is Open Source!

You only need to extend Jacson when you think your task should be within the range of Jacson, but is either impossible or at least very complicated to configure. In general configuration is prefered over extension.

If your task can not be accomplished by configuration, try to extend the plugin mechanism of Jacson and write an appropriate plugin:

If you really need to extend Jacson (on one hand I'd like it on the other I'd hate it):

  1. Decide and understand, what you need, a or something completely different.
  2. Look at the existing stuff as samples if there is something you can copy and paste (uh!) or (much better) subclass.
  3. For the configuration of your plugin, you might need to get some understanding of
  4. Hack on.
  5. Test.
  6. Debug.
  7. Document.
  8. Tell us what you did.
Well, of course you could try to convince us to do it for you :-)

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