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Embed in a Java Program

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This has not yet been documented. It could be that the API needs enhancements to run without a configuration file.

There are two ways to do it,

within your program.

Embed Jacson

A brief plan is:

Have a look at the following source code for sample applications:

  • The main() method of Jacson.
  • The main() method of JacsonTail.
  • The JacsonTask class.
  • The JacsonBlocks addFilter and addEval methods.

Use Jacson as a Filter

JacsonReader implements java.io.Filter and can be used whereever such a filter can be used. The most useful application I currently know is the embedding into Ant in a FilterChain.

A snippet how to use it in your program is as simple as

  Reader previousReader = ...
  JacsonReader jr = new JacsonReader(previousReader);

Note: That the wrapping of Jacson into a filter is slightly costly, it requires a separate thread internally. We are thinking about how to make it somewhat lighter at least in the Ant setting by using a ThreadPool.

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