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Sample Configurations

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To illustrate some basic applications of Jacson there are a few samples shipped in the samples directory:

A configuration turning Jacson into an identity filter. That is everything coming in is presented at output unchanged. This can be useful in conjunction with the jacsontail file watcher. And it is the simplest possible configuration.
A configuration simulating the behaviour of a simple grep. See how few additions to above id configuration is needed, to achieve something useful.
Cut away the first few lines of the input (like *x head).
Copy the input to the output, maybe useless, but possible.
Filter out broken links using BrokenLinkFilter
This is a part of the seminal project which lead to Jacson, filtering some information from a webserver logfile. It is long, but it is very powerful.
This sample shows the usage of a MailReport for monitoring logfiles
More a debugging aid for the SelectionFilterFilter and SelectionExtractFilter.
More a debugging aid for the SelectionFilterFilter and SelectionExtractFilter. Predecessor of sel2test.conf.
Reading input from a database using SQLSource and by that using a Generic Source.
Fake a *x wc command, that is count lines in a file.
Similar to wc.conf on the Jacson end, this shows the possibilities of the Log4jReport: Output is forked to console and the log4j.log file. The output on the console contains different parts of the generated data and in a different layout. Note: This needs to be run in the samples directory for log4j to find it's log4j.conf configuration.
Debugging configuration for the StemmingFilter in conjunction with both StemmerDE. and StemmerEN.

A few more sample configurations can be found on the Ant Task Documentation page.

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